Introducing VancastVideo: Understanding the platform and its capabilities

Modified on Tue, 04 Apr 2023 at 11:01 AM

Vancast Video is a cutting-edge cloud-based platform for private live and on-demand video streaming. Designed for agencies and organizations, it enables seamless streaming of town-hall meetings, conferences, hybrid events, webinars, and more to audiences of any size. Unlike traditional live video platforms, Vancast Video offers unparalleled privacy and security features, making it the perfect solution for businesses and organizations looking to communicate effectively and securely with their audiences.

Vancast Video is a powerful and versatile video platform that stands out from other solutions on the market in several ways. Some of the key features that set Vancast Video apart include:

1. Private vs Public platform

Vancast Video is a private platform, which means that your content will never be mixed with other content or placed alongside advertising. You have complete control over where your content is viewed and who can access it.

2. Event page vs. an embeddable player

Vancast Video features an event page that is based on a collection of provided event page templates. These templates allow you to easily create event pages that include interactive interfaces, slides, and call-to-action buttons, which results in a much richer visual experience for your audience. The templates also have multiple layouts that can be switched in real-time during your live event.

3. Support for multiple languages

Vancast Video supports streaming in different languages when a simultaneous translation service is available. The event page interfaces and other content can be personalized to include any language, and users can switch between languages during the event.

4. Multiple Access links vs a single Access link.

Vancast Video offers 5 different access link types to the event page, and you can create as many links as you need. This allows you to track which channels are bringing users to your event. The five different access link types are:

  1. Open: Just a link straight to the event's page.
  2. Registration Gate. A fully customizable Registration Gate page for your event. Ideal for lead generation events and many other situations.
  3. Allow List. Similar to the registration gate, this type of link will allow access to the event only to the users included in allowed lists of emails and/or domains.
  4. SSO (Single Sign On). If you already have a platform where your users log in to consume your services (Intranet, e-learning, etc.), you can set up a secure integration for your users to access VancastVideo content.
  5. Link for an Email campaign. VancastVideo is integrated with the most popular email marketing platforms. You can send email reminders to your subscribed users with direct secured links to your event pages.

5. Detailed Analytics vs general Analytics.

Vancast Video offers detailed information about each user, including geolocation, time in and time out, and aggregated concurrent user graphics per minute, hour, or day. Additionally, if you use the integrated eCDN solutions, you can obtain detailed QoE information.

6. Rich On-Demand experience

Vancast Video has a collection of features that help you easily produce On-Demand events and have your content available and controlled all the time. For example, you can convert your live sessions to On-Demand sessions while keeping the same access links, or create an On-Demand session per speech of a long conference.

7. Flexible Transcoding profiles to match your content and audience needs.

Unlike most platforms where the transcoding profiles are fixed, Vancast Video allows you to choose transcoding profiles that match your content and audience needs. If you need a profile that is not on the list, Vancast Video can create it for you.

8. Organization-aimed platform

Vancast Video is designed for organizations and teams, with multiple administration users that can be assigned different roles such as event producers, page configurators, audience interaction managers, and KPI trackers.

9. With VancastVideo, there is no need for multiple accounts.

With VancastVideo, there's no need for multiple accounts. Whether you're an agency or another organization, you can now easily organize your projects and content into Workspaces, and share access with others within those Workspaces. Plus, there's no limit on the number of simultaneous streams you can do.

10. Pay-As-You-Go plan.

Vancast Video offers a variety of plans to suit your specific needs, including monthly and annual plans, as well as a Pay-As-You-Go plan based on 4 consumption metrics: GB of content distribution, minutes of streaming engine time, minutes of on-demand video transcoding time, and storage.

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