Live Audience tracking

Modified on Fri, 31 Mar 2023 at 09:29 AM

Summary: This article will show you how to use the Live Audience tracking dashboard

Access the Live Audience dashboard

The Live audience dashboard of a session can be accessed via the theicon on the right-hand-side of the Live session box. The session's date and time range will be used as the default graphic scope.

Reading the Event analytics dashboard

The Analytics dashboard will open into:

Your audience is detailed by the minute and split by the different Access Links you have created and distributed. That gives you a quick idea about who is your audience. For this example, we had previously created and distributed 3 Access Links:

The current data selection for the charts is detailed on the upper part of the page. Let's check the defaults and see what can be tweaked:

  1. REPORT is set to "Live Sessions" traffic only
  2. PERIOD covers the scheduled time of the event with 30 minutes time both, before and after. You can change this if necessary by clicking anywhere over the datesSESSION is obviously set to the session you have clicked over to access but, you could tweak this selection for another parallel session or even a combined chart of all sessions running simultaneously within that time range.
  3. LANGUAGE: By default set to "All languages". If the event had different languages you can select a single one or all of them.
  4. ACCESS LINK: By default set to "All access links". Even though the chart shows a different curve for each separate access link you might prefer to get a chart of a single one.

If you want to check the On demand analytics, you could certainly set all these parameters to the right values for your query. An easier way though, would be to click over theicon of the On demand session. Doing this you will get the right defaults for that query.

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