Export a complete Attendee Report of your Event

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Summary: The suggested method to analyze an audience in a flexible manner is by using a spreadsheet and utilizing tools such as Excel's Pivot tables. The article will provide instructions on how to download the audience file and explain its columns in detail.

Downloading the Audience Detail report

From the Event Management page unfold the Analytics Section and click on Audience Detail

Note that there is a check-box option available that allows you to group the results by user (Group by user). If this option is selected, the resulting file will have one row per unique link, user, and device. This means that if a user watches part of the content, leaves, and rejoins later, a single row will be generated that includes the first time the user joined the event and the total time (in seconds) of video playback. Otherwise the file will have one row per time the user rejoined the event.

Click on theicon to download the file. The file will be different according to your group by User choice.

The downloaded file is a csv file with the following columns:


ColumnSample ValueExplanation
EventResults Presentation 2022Title of the event
SessionLive SessionName given to the session
linkTokenEdDhQf4HToken of one link created for the event (check your links URLs to find which one fits the linkToken
languageenISO code of the language chosen by the user to watch the event
emailpepe@vancast.netEmail of the user (Not available for Open access links)
firstNamePepeFirst Name of the user (Not available for Open access links)
lastNameGoteraLast Name of the user (Not available for Open access links)
liveOrOdlive  Live means access when the event was running live or On demand access when the event was OD
firstSeen20/9/2022 07:50UTC date and time the user was first seen
lastSeen20/9/2022 09:46UTC date and time the user was last seen
activeTime6956Seconds of video viewing
ipAdress94.62.223.51Public IP address the user is accessing the event 
cityAlfragidebased on IP geolocation
regionLisbonbased on IP geolocation
countryPortugalbased on IP geolocation
browserVersion105.0.0.0version of the browser
deviceTypedesktopdesktop, mobile, tablet
browserChromeBrowser type
platformWindowsWindows, MacOs, IOs, Android 

Note: the value of the activeTime field, in seconds, will correspond to the difference between firstSeen and lastSeen values only if the Group by user checkbox was not ticked or if Group by user was ticked and the user has a single viewing

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