Fine Tuning Tool: The Ultimate Guide to Editing Your On-Demand Event

Modified on Wed, 26 Apr 2023 at 05:56 PM

Summary: The Fine Tuning Tool provides a range of editing tools, including the ability to trim content, add or modify cuepoints, create chapters, subtitles, and more.

How can I access the Fine Tuning Tool?

When your live session has been converted to an On-demand session, it will show up under the On-demand tab of the sessions page. Click over the session box to unfold its properties and associated functionalities.

Then locate and click to open the Fine Tunning Tool.

What can you do with the Fine Tunning Tool?

The Fine Tunning Tool allows you to adjust the On-demand version of your session. You can do the following tasks with the Fine Tunning Tool:

  • Trim your session at the beginning and at the end
  • Modify, add or delete cuepoints that trigger an action on the page (slide change, button to show up, etc)
  • Create chapters to facilitate the end-user's easy access to different content sections.
  • Add Subtitles in one or more languages
  • Some bulk actions can be helpful if you edit the video outside the platform and reload it back. You can, for example, adjust all the cuepoints from a certain time onward.

You can find all these functions on the left side menu of the Fine Tunning Tool.

What is a Cuepoint?

In the context of on-demand video, a cuepoint is a marker on the video timeline that contains instructions for certain actions over the container page, to be triggered at that specific point in time. These actions can range from displaying a call-to-action button to changing the slide of a pdf presentation or adding interactivity to the page where the video is embedded.

Cuepoints are an essential component of on-demand video editing and can greatly enhance the viewer experience by providing targeted and relevant content at specific points in the video. With the ability to create, modify, and remove cuepoints, video editors have a powerful tool to make their content more engaging and interactive.

When creating an on-demand session from a live video recording, all the cuepoints generated during the live session will be automatically imported. This means that the on-demand version will become an exact replica of the live event, including all the cuepoints that were added via the Control Room App.

The articles linked below offer comprehensive explanations of each Fine Tuning Tool function.

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