Enhancing User Engagement with Call-to-Action Buttons in VancastVideo Container Pages

Modified on Mon, 19 Jun 2023 at 07:00 PM

Introduction: This article explores the powerful feature of Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons in VancastVideo container pages. These buttons provide an effective means to engage users and drive specific actions before, during, or after an event. This guide will explain how to utilize and manage CTA buttons to optimize user engagement and achieve your desired outcomes.

Understanding Call-to-Action Buttons:

Call-to-Action buttons are interactive elements embedded within VancastVideo container pages that encourage users to take specific actions. These buttons can be customized and strategically placed to elicit responses from viewers, such as asking questions, signing up for a newsletter, purchasing a product, or accessing additional resources.

Enabling and Disabling CTA Buttons:

VancastVideo offers the flexibility to enable or disable CTA buttons according to your preferences and event requirements. This allows you to have control over when and how these buttons are presented to your audience.

Configuring CTA Buttons:

1. Access your EventPage > settings page.

2. Click on Components

3. Indicate the default CTA button functionality by toggling the corresponding option. 

4. Customize the appearance and text of the button by choosing the background and text colors.

5. Now click on the Texts tab.

6. Customize any texts related to your call to actions in any of the languages of your event

Managing the CTA Buttons during a live event:

When you open the Control Room app for the first time, the buttons will be set to their default configuration. Use the Control Room to hide or display buttons at any time during the live event, giving you real-time control over their visibility.

Managing the CTA Buttons post-live event:

If you convert a recorded live session into an on-demand session, the CTAs will retain their settings from the live session. However, you may want to make modifications for various reasons. For example, you might want to remove the question button if you no longer wish to accept questions, or you may want to add a chapters button or a survey for participants.

To make adjustments, access the Fine-tuning tool app, where you can modify the visibility of CTAs at any point during your recorded video.


Call-to-Action buttons within VancastVideo container pages serve as a powerful tool to enhance user engagement. By enabling or disabling these buttons strategically throughout the event journey, you can prompt specific actions and achieve desired outcomes. Experiment with different CTAs, monitor their impact, and optimize user engagement to maximize the effectiveness of your events.

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