Convert a live session recording to an on-demand session

Modified on Wed, 25 Jan 2023 at 09:00 AM

Summary: This article provides instructions on how to convert a live session to an on-demand session from the session menu. You can select a live recording to convert the session. Once converted, you can access the Fine Tuning Tool to edit the on-demand version. If you need to revert back to live session, you can do so but it will result in loss of any editing done during on-demand session

Convert to OD procedure:

Navigate to the sessions page of the event's management console, and then locate the session you wish to convert. Once you've found the session, click on the session menu (three dots on the right-hand side of the session) to access the option for converting it to an On demand session.

A modal window will let you choose from the following options:

  1. Choose one live recording created from that session
  2. Choose any video from your video library
  3. Upload a new video  

In this example, the user will select the only recording that is available for the session. It is worth noting that the recordings are arranged in chronological order, with the most recent recording appearing at the top of the list.

Click Convert and the session will be converted and moved to the On demand tab

The On demand session appears now unfolded to show the available options.

  • Click on the "Published" toggle if you want to prevent all the users to access the On demand session
  • Set an expiration date at which the On demand session will automatically set itself as Unpublished.
  • Enable eCDN peering for this content. (Only for enterprise licenses: It is worth noting that as a result of this, you may be consuming more licences of your eCDN pack)
  • Access the Fine Tuning Toolto:
    • Trim de On demand version
    • Edit the container page to add chapters, modify interactions and much more
    • Add subtitles in as many languages as you need
  • Replace the Video file with an edited one
  • Download the recorded media in mp4 (It will download the full recording regardless of your trimming)

Note that you can still access the Q&A panel to manage questions received within the session, regardless of their Live or On demand status.

The analytics view of the On-demand session,now includes an automatic selection of the period displayed. The period begins immediately after the live event ends and continues until the date and time you access the page.

Click on the Live tab of the page to check that the Live Session version is still represented there but you can not run it live. (the session icon,is now grey color)

However, the analytics view of that session, when requested from the Live tab, will display the analytics corresponding to the Live session, (using dates and times of the Live session)

Revert to Live procedure

If you need to undo the convert to OD because you need to run your session live again, make sure you are on the On demand tab and click on the session menu (three dots on the right-hand side of the session) to access the option for reverting the session to live status.

Click on Revert to live and remember that any editing made via the Fine Tuning Tool will be lost if you confirm this option. Click Revert on the modal confirmation window, and you will have the original session ready to be used for live streaming again.

Remember that an alternative to this workflow is to copy the live session to a new on-demand session using the "Copy as VOD" option. Keep in mind that this will create a new link per session, but it will still be within the event's scope.

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