Copy a Live Session recording as a new VOD session

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Summary: This article describes a process for converting a live session to an on-demand (OD) session. The process involves navigating to the sessions page, locating the session to be copied, clicking on the session menu and selecting the option to copy it to a new OD session. Repeating this process allows for the creation of multiple clips of a large event. Each session will have a different link within the scope of the same event.

Convert to OD procedure

Navigate to the sessions page of the event's management console, and then locate the session you wish to copy. Once you've found the session, click on the session menu (three dots on the right-hand side of the session) to access the option for copying it to a new On demand session.

Click on Copy as VOD

On the modal window, type a Session Short Name and Session Description and choose the recording you want your OD session to be based on. Finally, indicate the date and time range in order to organize your content.

Click Create and you will have a new On demand session organised under the On demand Tab of the sessions page

Note that the live session you used to create the new On-demand session is still there under the Live tab and can be run live again if you need to.

The On-demand tab view includes now your On-demand session which you can now trim as you need

Repeating the same process several times allows you to have several clips of a large event now completely separated from each other. You could create all these On demand sessions (clips), all from the same Live session

If you click on the Live tab, the Default Session is still there and could be run live again if you needed to.


It is worth noting that now you have a different link for each session within the scope of the same event ("On demand workflows" in this example)

To get these individual links open the Links section of the event management page:

Chose the generic link you want to get a specific session link, click on the box to unfold its properties and under the the URLs tab, select the session from the first dropdown list on the left-hand side

Click onto copy the Event page URL or embed code.

An alternative to the Copy as VOD feature is yo use the "Convert to OD" option. In that case you won't be able to use the session for further live streaming but you ca use the same links used for the live session to access the OD content.

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