Exploring the Functionality of the Q&A Moderation Tool

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Summary: This article will help you learn how to effectively manage live Q&A sessions with the VancastVideo platform's Q&A moderation tool. Discover the tool's features and how to utilize them for maximum efficiency in your specific use case.


Access the Q&A Moderation Tool

1.- Every session within an event has its own Q&A section. From the Event management page, please make sure you are on the sessions view. Locate and click the Q&A Moderation Tool icon

2.- or you received an email with an invitation to join the Q&A Moderation tool like this one:

In both cases, the Q&A Moderation Tool will open.

If no question has yet been received it will look like this:

Example Use case

In a Q&A session, a remote audience can ask questions to a panel of experts moderated by Hellen. Frank and Tom assist in managing the Q&A. Hellen wants to receive questions organized by topic, while Frank will organize incoming questions and forward them to Hellen. Tom will mark answered questions.

The three of them will be using the same Q&A Moderation tool. To customize it for their own roles they will set their own filters as follows:

  1. Hellen
    • by Topic: NO Filter: Hellen will get the questions from her team as she moves the Q&A from one topic to another. So there is no reason for her to set this filter up.
    • by Tag: Unmoderated: In this way, the answered questions, which Tom will label as answered, will clear off from her interface.
    • by Asignee:  "Hellen@acme.com" In this way Hellen will only see the questions forwarded to her.
  2. Frank: Frank will duplicate the Q&A Moderation tool on his browser so that he can have 2 different views of the questions. The first one will be the view to choose the questions she wants to forward to Hellen. For that purpose, he will set the filters as follows:
    • VIEW 1
      • by Topic: NO Filter: Frank will be changing this filter as needed during the Q&A
      • by Tag: Unmoderated in this way, the questions, that he will label as "Duplicated", "Not a question" or "Won't answer" and the ones that Tom will label as answered, will clear off from her interface.
      • by Assignee: Not Assigned: This will clean off from the interface any questions that he has forwarded to Hellen
    • VIEW 2 -
      • Hellen's same view. This way Frank can see exactly what's on Hellen's screen at any time.
  3. Tom: Tom needs to see the same as Hellen because his only role is to mark up the answered questions. So his filters will be the same ones.

Set your own filters

Use the grey bar to create your own filters on the Q&A tool so that you see only those questions relevant to you.

Manage the questions

Each question can be labelled by Topic, Tag and Assignee. The labeling works in conjunction with the filters explained before.

Answer the questions in writing or add comments

Each question has three buttons right below the question body.

  • Reply: type an answer that will appear, related to the question on the interface of the end-users. *** If and when the producer enables the corresponding Layout ***
  • Reply via Email: Sends your response, via email, directly and exclusively to the person that posted the question
  • Comment: Add a comment to the question. Only visible to the Team collaborating with the Q&A moderation tool 

Learn how to read the rest of the interface

  1. Number of users currently on the event's session page
  2. Number of users collaborating with the Q&A Moderation tool. Click on the green box to see who's connected.
  3. Click to download the questions. The current filters will apply to the downloaded file
  4. Click to prevent incoming questions from popping up automatically. If there are too many questions, reading and managing them can become difficult when they are popping up on your screen constantly.
  5. The number of questions with the current filters applied.
  6. Button to directly send or simulate a question.

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