VancastVideo Powerpoint Add-in

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Summary: This article explains the purpose of the powerpoint add-in, shows how to get it installed on your PC and finally, how to use it

What is the purpose of the Powerpoint Add-in?

The VancastVideo PowerPoint add-in enables seamless synchronization between the live presentation at the venue and the distributed presentation viewed by remote audiences during a webcast. 

With the VancastVideo PowerPoint add-in, webcast producers no longer need to manually manage presentation slides that are separate from the video. This powerful tool automates slide synchronization between the live presentation and the distributed webcast, providing a seamless experience for both in-person and virtual attendees.

How to install the Powerpoint Add-in

Click HERE to download the VancastVideo PowerPoint Add-in

Unzip the folder, launch the Installer and follow the different steps. 

IMPORTANT! When prompted to install it for everyone or just me, choose the later, otherwise it won't work

IMPORTANT! Please note that installation of the VancastVideo PowerPoint add-in requires administrator permissions. To install the add-in, log in as the end-user and follow the installation prompts. During the installation process, you will be prompted to provide admin credentials to complete the installation.

Check the installation was correct

Open Powerpoint and on the top menu open the Add-ins tab

If you see the above Settings / VanCast option, the installation was good.

How to set up the Powerpoint Add-in to work for your event?

Open Powerpoint, click on Add-Ins and on Settings / VanCast

You will get an Interface like this:

Find your event number from the URL of the Event Management Page

Replace the URL Value with 

where xxxx is the event code number (In the example above 8226)

Replace Origin with a unique Identifier for your PC. (In our example TEST-PC123). You will later connect to the Control Room through your Pc's Unique identifier.

Modify the Start Date and End Date to accommodate the dates of your event.

Click on Update Settings

How to manage the synchronization from the Control-Room

First, make sure to upload your presentation(s) in PDF format to the event management page.

Next, open the PowerPoint presentation on the designated PC with the setup described above and activate Presentation Mode.

Finally, launch the Control Room application and navigate right below the slides preview section. Look for the available remote presentation identified by your PC's unique identifier and presentation name. To start the "Autopilot" mode, click the Slider next to your presentation.

As you advance through the slides on the PowerPoint PC, you will see them automatically advance on the Control Room Live area

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