Introduction to SSO (Secure Single Sign-On) Access Links for Developers

Modified on Sat, 14 Jan 2023 at 01:43 PM

Summary: This article is intended for developers working on SSO integration. It will guide you on how to secure and streamline the access to video pages and contents on the VancastVideo Platform by eliminating the need for users to log in multiple times or use passwords.

Purpose of SSO Access Links:

SSO integration allows users to utilize the same login form and credentials across different services and sites to access specific events. It also ensures that only authenticated and authorized users within your platform can access VancastVideo-hosted content. Setting up SSO requires some development work on the platform, which involves calling VancastVideo to open an event page for the user.

Your organization needs to create an SSO server application that, upon receiving a request for access to VancastVideo-hosted content from an authenticated and authorized user on your platform, constructs a request to the VancastVideo SSO service that includes a token generated using the private key provided by VancastVideo for your account and workspace, as well as the URL parameter specified by the event organizer when creating a new SSO access link. The VancastVideo SSO service will then verify the token to grant or deny access to the user. To learn more about SSO integration, please contact us and request the manual, which is available to those who have signed up for a VancastVideo account. Signing up for a VancastVideo account is free.

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