Flujos de trabajo de Directo a Bajo demanda

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Summary: VancastVideo's workflows simplify the process of repurposing live content as on-demand, making it easy to manage and distribute video content across a range of scenarios with maximum efficiency

Live to On-demand workflows

After running live your event, at least once, you have two possible choices to convert your live recording to an on-demand one.

Convert to OD (Click here for a detailed procedure)

The Convert to OD feature in Vancast allows users to take a previously recorded live session and convert it into an on-demand (OD) version. This option is available in any session, regardless of whether it was run live or not.

If a session was run live at least once, users have the flexibility to choose which recording they want to base their OD session on, so multiple recordings from the same live session can be used. However, if a session was never run live, users can still convert to OD using any video available in their video library.

The Convert to OD feature offers several advantages, including:

  • The link(s) to the event will remain the same, making it easy for viewers to access the on-demand version.
  • Once a session has been converted to OD, it can no longer be run live again. This ensures that the on-demand version is the final, polished version of the session.

Copy as VOD (Click here for a detailed procedure)

The Copy as VOD feature in Vancast allows users to easily repurpose live content as on-demand.

  • By using this feature from any session that has been run at least once, a new on-demand (OD) session will be created within the event.
  • Users have the flexibility to select any recording associated with the live session to base the new OD session on.
  • The new OD session will retain the same page contents and cues as the original live session, allowing for easy editing and trimming as needed.
  • The feature can be used multiple times, allowing users to create different OD content from the same or different recordings of a live session, making it useful to create individual sessions for each speaker from a longer recording with multiple speakers.
  • Each OD session created will have a different link within the scope of the event, meaning that the authorization for the event is shared by all sessions, which allows for a seamless experience for the viewer and lessens the administrative burden for the organizer.

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