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Modified on Wed, 02 Aug 2023 at 12:47 PM

Summary: As of April 2023, VancastVideo introduces a new component type called "button component (ws-button)," designed to replace the button functionality previously achieved using the "image component (ws-image)." While the "image component" remains operational and accessible as before, the new and more specialized "button component" offers an enhanced option. Consequently, we have gradually replaced the old "image components" used for buttons with the new dedicated "button component" in all standard templates. For customer-specific templates, updates will be made in agreement with the respective customer. Additionally, "Image components" will remain unchanged and continue to be used for headers, footers, and other purposes.

How to set the button background and text colours?

Go to the event page management menu, open Event Page > Settings. Then, click on the Components tabto access the featured buttons. In this section, you can:

  1. Set the default behaviour of the button. which determines its state when the end user opens the page and it has not received any cue. You can choose to display the button or keep it hidden.
  2. Customize the colour of the button's background
  3. Customize the colour of the button's text

Remember to save the changes before leaving the page

How to Change a button's text

Access the event page management menu and open Event Page > Settings. Then, click on the Texts tab. Click on the language box to access the texts of the buttons and other components included in the page template you're using. Make any desired changes to the button's text or other components as needed.

Don't forget to save the changes before leaving the page.

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