What is the Event Page?

Modified on Thu, 08 Dec 2022 at 10:48 AM

Summary: VancastVideo offers you a Video player that you can embed on your page but also a Container page for each Session within an Event so that you do not necesarily have to create a web page on another platform to host your event.

What is the Event Page?

The event page is the Container page of each of your video based Sessions

Let's see how it works:

When you create a new event, you'll be prompted to select a Page Template. The Page Template includes several layouts and several content structures.

Once you've chosen a Page Template you will be able to upload different types of content; for example,  Page header images, colour masks for buttons and others.

Is the Event Page Static?

One of the most powerful features of VancastVideo is that the Event page is not static. It can be "produced" during a live event, triggering changes to the page as the event develops. The Control Room app, accessible to the producer for each session allows them to trigger those changes.

The producer can switch Header images, change the layout to make a document, presentation or an embedded third-party app visible and can enable or disable buttons as well as many more things.

Bear in mind that ultimately you could develop your own Page Templates for your own specific Event Pages

Why is it useful to use the Event Page?

  • First of all, you do not need to create a specific page for your video. 
  • The Event page can be easily personalized with your event's creativity. 
  • The Page templates provided with the platform have been designed to work on all kinds of devices and are fully adaptative. 
  • The platform is hosted on a scalable and redundant infrastructure. 
  • The interaction functionality will be available from the Event page, but not from the embedded player.
  • And last but not least, you can have a much more dynamic live or on-demand event if you're able to tweak the video container page at any point related to the video's timeline. That functionality is provided by the Control room app for live video sessions, and the Fine Tunning Tool app for on-demand video sessions.

Examples of the Event page of a single video session

These examples show layouts with or without slides, different call-to-action buttons visible or deactivated, a simple modal chapters dialogue commanded by the Chapters button, and the way an end-user can get a full-sized slide or a full-sized video from the player's control bar.

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