Creating an Access Link for Authorized Users: The Allow List Access Link

Modified on Sat, 14 Jan 2023 at 12:37 PM

How to Create a Private Event for a Specific Group of Users: Using an Allow List Access Link
If you want to make your event private for a specific list of users, you can use the Allow List type of Access Link to set up a page where invited users will enter their email. The email will then be verified against the list of allowed users.

In order to manage an access link of this kind, you need 2 things:

  1. Create one or more Lists of users
  2. Create an Allow List Access Link and link up the Lists of users you want to access the event.

1. Create one or more Lists of users

Click on the Apps menu, then on the Lists Icon

To learn more about Lists of users here

Creating an Allow List access link and configuring its properties and page design is very much like a Registration Gate Access Link. There are a few differences that we explain below:

  • On the Signup fields tab is recommended to hide the firstName and lastName fields of the form as explained here. This way the end user will be asked only for his email.

  • On the Advanced Settings tab, make sure you check the "Send the user a one-time-use access code upon registration" option

Note: The Page Builder's import feature allows for the interchangeability of Registration Gate and Allow List links, making it easy to reuse existing pages

Access the Lists and Domains tab of your Allow List Access Link

Click the Select an allowed list dropdown field > choose the list you want to add > click on the Add List button

Repeat the step above for as many lists as you need.

You can also include one or more domains by typing them in the Email domain field and clicking on the Add Domain button.

Don't forget to customize the messages your end-users will see when they make errors, such as entering an incorrect email or code. These messages can be found and updated in the Page Builder under Texts > Auto Responder and Messages.

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