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Summary: The Email Campaign Access Links provide a unique and easy way to facilitate user acces to an event. With these links, you can place a direct link on your email marketing platform that will give your subscribers direct access to your content without requiring them to register. You, on the other side will be able to track user access.

Create an Email Campaigns Access link for your VancastVideo event

From the Event Management page, navigate to the Access Links section 

  1. click Add new link.
  2. Choose the Email Campaign type of link and follow the prompts to create the new link.

If it is the first time you have created this type of link, you will need to integrate it with your email marketing platform's account and configure the link in the VancastVideo platform accordingly:

Generate an API Key on your email marketing platform account

Mailchimp example:

To generate an API Key, log in to your Mailchimp account and follow these steps.

Navigate to the API Keys section of your account.  (User Profile > Account & billing > Extras > API Keys)

  1. Click Create New Key.
  2. Name your key descriptively, so you know what application uses that key. Remember that you’ll see only this name and the first 4 digits on your list of API keys after the key is generated.
  3. Click Generate Key.
  4. Once they generate your key, click Copy Key to Clipboard. Save your key someplace secure; you won’t be able to see or copy it again. If you lose this key, you’ll need to generate a new key and update any integration that uses it.
  5. Click Done.

Introduce the new API Key into your VancastVideo workspace

Log in to your VancastVideo Account and workspace. Click on the apps menu and access the Settings section

  1. Click on MailChimp Api Keys
  2. Click on the Add new  button 
  3. Give it a name and paste the value copied from the MailChimp platform.
  4. Click Create

Get back to your event's email campaign link, unfold its properties and click on the settings tab, then make sure you configure that section appropriately. see the capture below:

Finally, click on the Urls tab, copy the Email URL and paste it to the "link value" of the "Sign on", or equivalent, button of the campaign within your email marketing app. (Mailchimp in the example)

Users that click on the button of the email will now appear as registered users on the Analytics / Registration Insights page

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