End-user Player Controls

Modified on Thu, 24 Aug 2023 at 04:47 PM

Summary: The VancastVideo player includes several controls that will be available or not depending on the features you use for a specific event or content

Live and On-demand Player controls

The live player controls encompass the standard Play/Pause and Mute/Volume controls on the left-hand side of the player. Additionally, the Full Screen control is located on the right-hand side, alongside a button that allows users to detach the video from its original position and transform it into a draggable component on their screen.

Play / Pause Control. Pressing this control during a live event and subsequently shortly thereafter will resume the video from where it was paused.

 Clicking the speaker icon mutes the audio. The volume can be adjusted using the accompanying volume control bar.

Hovering the mouse pointer over the maximize icon, particularly when the layout combines video and slides, triggers a submenu. Users can choose to maximize either the video component, the slide component, or both. This feature proves particularly beneficial for text-heavy slides or those containing intricate graphs and numbers. Maximizing a slide enhances the display quality of texts, numbers, and graphs.

 Clicking this control activates a draggable video component. If you maximize a slide and then click this control, you'll be able to view the entire slide while still watching the video, and you can position the video component anywhere on your screen.

On-Demand only Player Controls

In addition to controls suitable for live videos, the VancastVideo player introduces controls exclusively tailored for on-demand content. These include the Next and Previous cue point controls, as well as the Subtitles control.

 Using the second control button, users can advance the video to the next cue point. Typically, this corresponds to a slide change, but it could also involve a layout alteration or any other pre-programmed action on the page. By utilizing the backward arrow, users can rewind the video to the previous cue point. Double-clicking the button will take the user back to the location of the cue point just before the current one.

Clicking the subtitles control button reveals a list of available subtitle languages. The top row provides access to a Subtitles settings menu, enabling users to customize size, contrast, and other settings. Click on any language to activate those subtitles.

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