How to preview the Event Page

Modified on Thu, 24 Aug 2023 at 05:13 PM

Summary: VancastVideo event pages provide a range of layouts and content options, along with the flexibility to easily adjust the initial page setup. Previewing your event before it goes live offers significant advantages, enabling you to assess the initial page status and preview how it will appear when the producer switches layouts or content.

Preview the Event Page without Streaming the Video

1- Navigate to the Event Management page and select Event Page > Preview. This action will open the preview page in a new tab.

2.- On the left-hand side menu of the Preview Page, you can experiment with changing layouts, component statuses, content switching, and toggling the visibility of buttons and other elements. These adjustments allow you to visualize the effects of your changes on the page's appearance. 

3.- Remember that any modifications made here are solely for preview purposes. For making changes to the default layout and other page settings, or for real-time adjustments during a live event, utilize the Event Page > Settings option, to set the initial defaults, or the Control Room, to make changes in real-time during your like event.

4.- Click on theicon to toggle the left-hand side menu between hidden and visible states, providing a more realistic preview of how the page will appear to end users.

5.- If you make changes using the Event Page Settings option that impacts the event page's initial status, such as altering the default layout or content visibility, remember to reload the Preview Page to observe these modifications.

6.-Please note that certain functions, like the language switch, will not function on the Preview Page

Previewing the Event Page with Streaming Video:

For a comprehensive evaluation or testing of your event, including streaming video, please refer to this article

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